Concussion Basics: Should I See A Car Accident Doctor?

Should I See A Car Accident Doctor

If you were recently in an automobile crash and are experiencing head pain, you may be wondering if you need to visit a car accident doctor to be evaluated for a possible concussion.  Every year, hundreds of thousands of people get a concussion, either from a fall, playing sports, being in an accident, or being hit by a falling object.

What you might not realize is that you don’t necessarily have to sustain a serious impact to get a concussion. Something as simple as bumping into a low-hanging tree branch can cause one. Concussions are serious injuries and can cause a lot of problems if left untreated. Read below to learn more about this injury, how to recognize the signs and symptoms, and when you should visit a car accident doctor:

What Is a Concussion?

What Is a Concussion

Classified by medical professionals as a mild traumatic brain injury, a concussion is caused by a bump or blow to your head. Head bumps cause sudden, intense movements, and can result in the brain shifting in the skull. This unnatural movement can damage brain cells and can cause chemical changes and imbalances in the brain.

Even if the head is not directly impacted, a serious jolt to the body can cause a concussion if the impact caused the head to jerk backward or forwards.

While a concussion is not usually considered to be life-threatening, the side effects associated with this type of injury can be serious and can last for weeks or even months. If you have been in an accident, it is highly recommended to visit a car accident doctor immediately to see if you have a concussion.

What Are the Symptoms of a Concussion?


It’s important to know and understand the signs and symptoms of a concussion. While no treatment exists to completely cure a concussion, knowing if you have this type of injury is the first step to remedying the situation. In extreme cases, permanent brain damage can occur if the injury is never recognized, and you do not seek medical treatment from a car accident doctor. In less severe cases, leaving the injury untreated can lead to problems with thinking, learning, or memory.

Occasionally, there are immediate signs that you have a concussion. Some of these symptoms include:

Losing consciousness

Intense head pain


Difficulty standing or walking


Severe nausea

Extreme sleepiness

Seizures (in extreme cases)

What Are Signs of a Concussion That May Be Overseen?

While symptoms of concussions can sometimes be severe, occasionally, the signs are subtle and first emerge weeks or even months after a concussion. If you have been in an accident in recent months, you will want to watch for these subtle signs that you may have sustained a concussion:

Persistent headache

Difficulty concentrating



Trouble sleeping

Vision problems

How Is a Concussion Diagnosed?

How Is a Concussion Diagnosed

You will need to visit a medical professional to receive an affirmative concussion diagnosis. It is a good idea to visit a car accident doctor if you suspect you have a concussion, even if your symptoms are mild. During the exam, the doctor will check for physical signs, thinking capabilities, and mood symptoms such as irritability to see if your head trauma is due to a concussion.

A doctor may diagnose you with a skull fracture, which has similar symptoms to a concussion.

Your doctor might want to order a CT scan or MRI to see if there is bleeding occurring inside the skull. However, keep in mind these tests cannot show all of the injuries caused by a concussion.

Can I Prevent Concussions?

While concussions can never be completely prevented, there are things you can do that may reduce your risks. When operating a vehicle, always wear a seat belt and ensure children are buckled into safety seats. Always abide by speed limits and drive with caution in extreme weather and terrain.

Wear a high-quality helmet that has been properly fitted when biking, skating, skiing, riding a motorcycle, or playing certain contact sports such as football. Your helmet should be secure at all times. It is too big if it moves from side to side when you shake your head. However, the helmet may be too small if it feels uncomfortably tight against your scalp.

Ensure your home is equipped with certain materials to help reduce the risk of falls. Ensure all stairs are equipped with sturdy handrails. Make sure to install safety gates on stairs if you have young children and put safety guards on all windows to prevent falls.

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Concussion Basics: Should I See A Car Accident Doctor? | City Wide Injury & Accident – Houston, TX

Understanding What Happens at the Chiropractor


Car accidents are traumatic events that can lead to significant strain and injury to the body if you do not see a doctor. People often experience neck and back pain from the sudden and violent jolting that can occur. Also, headaches and other issues may arise as a result of the collision.

However, not all injuries require surgical intervention or pain medications from a car injury doctor. In fact, some medications can mask the pain so much that the underlying issues may become worse over time.

Therefore, instead of relying on medicinal and surgical approaches, you may want to ask your physician if other holistic approaches may help. Most of the time, it may be possible to treat aches and pains holistically through physical therapy and chiropractic treatments instead.

Chiropractic therapy performed by a licensed and certified Doctor of Chiropractic is often used to treat injuries sustained during a car accident.

For example, whiplash is a common neck injury that results from the sudden movements and jerking motions related to auto accidents.

Chiropractors are well-suited to treat this type of injury through spinal manipulations and targeted adjustments. However, while chiropractic care might be the best option after a collision, many people avoid treatment because they do not understand the process and are often misinformed.

It is necessary to understand the real process when visiting a Chiropractor to better understand the ways you can benefit from this care after an accident.

1. Interview or Discussion with a Car Injury Doctor

The initial visit to your chiropractor may not even include an adjustment; it all depends on required testing and imaging. However, the overall format will seem somewhat familiar, especially if you have ever visited a typical doctor’s office.

The first thing a chiropractor will do is ask you questions about your injury, pain level and duration. Once they understand your specific problem, they will ask you questions about your medical history.

Questions during this part of the visit will relate to any past injuries, medical conditions, medications, habits, drug and alcohol use and other inquiries about your lifestyle.

With the advent of the digital age, many chiropractic practices have forms you can download and fill out at home to help speed up this phase of your initial visit.

2. Physical Exam

Next, a car accident Doctor of Chiropractic will perform a physical examination to determine the level of your pain and the effect the injury has had on your range of motion. During this phase of the initial exam, the chiropractor may feel your spinal column, ask you to move or walk, and test your reflexes and muscle strength.

3. Additional Testing

After the physical exam, the chiropractor may feel that further testing or imaging is necessary to diagnose your injury and prepare a treatment plan accurately. Most likely, the additional testing will include an x-ray.

While many people are uncomfortable with these devices because of radiation exposure, x-ray machines provide the clearest picture of spinal and neck injuries.

Also, the level of radiation exposure from these machines is minimal and controlled. However, chiropractors will not use this device unless they feel it is necessary for your treatment.

4. Diagnosis and Treatment Options

As with any other auto accident doctor, once the tests are complete, the chiropractor will need to analyze the results. If they were able to conclude the extent of your injuries from your physical exam alone, then you may have your results and diagnosis by the end of your first visit.

However, if more imaging and testing are required, then it may take a couple of days. In either case, the Doctor of Chiropractic will notify you of your treatment options and how they wish to move forward.

5. Treatment Plan and Duration with a Car Injury Doctor

It is not uncommon for your initial treatment plan to include two to three chiropractic visits per week initially. The frequent visits will probably last anywhere from four to six weeks, although they can go longer if the injury requires it.

Most often, after going through the initial treatment phase, your chiropractor will suggest continued care, but it will likely be less frequent, perhaps once a week or month, depending on your condition.

The violent movements of the body during a car accident can lead to a variety of musculoskeletal injuries, many of which will not require surgery.

If you are looking for an auto injury doctor, then contact the chiropractors at City Wide Accident and Injury for an assessment and treatment today.

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Understanding What Happens at the Chiropractor| City Wide Injury & Accident – Houston, TX

ER or Chiropractor? What To Do First Without Losing Your Mind

Car Accident Injuries

There are so many things to think or understand when you find yourself a victim in a car accident. Deciding on whether meeting with a car accident doctor Houston, another specialist, or going to the ER is one of them. Above all, your health should be the first priority.

“About 4.5 million people were seriously injured in crashes last year.”

car wreck

The National Safety Council declared, “About 4.5 million people were seriously injured in crashes [in 2018]. ”

This is a very high instance of accident victims.

Read on to determine what to do first without losing your mind.

What To Do Right After Your Car Accident

Going to the Emergency Room

If you’ve been in an unfortunate car accident where you start experiencing severe pain, it’s best to call the police. Chances are you’re not the first person to report an accident, but there are several good reasons to alert the police before you go to an auto injury doctor.

To begin with, you’re not in the right frame of mind. Feelings of hopelessness, confusion, shock or other emotions may overtake you. When the police arrive at the scene, they are able to photograph, document, and process all information that you may not remember.

They can also request an ambulance once they make a quick assessment of any incurred injuries. These include checking for:

  • inadequate oxygen intake
  • broken limbs
  • loss of consciousness
  • major bleeding
  • spinal injuries
  • brain trauma
  • signs of shock

Once the paramedics arrive and find any of the above symptoms, they will do their best to stabilize you and reduce any pain on the scene. They will offer a recommendation of whether you should immediately seek medical care.

If your condition is severe enough, you go to an emergency room. At the ER, they will perform several things as needed to help stabilize you.

These might include:

  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • IV Therapy
  • Blood Transfusions
  • Casts for Broken Bones

If your accident injury doesn’t need an emergency room visit, then you may follow up with a car accident doctor Houston for evaluation. Remember, it’s always best to see an auto injury doctor. 

Going To An Auto Accident Doctor

For any medical care visit, you need to have copies of ID cards, health insurance, and car insurance cards. Oh, and you should prepare to fill out tons of new patient paperwork.


A qualified auto accident doctor is beneficial because they can identify traumatic injuries associated with car wrecks. These types of practitioners offer the best kind of care to automobile accident victims. 

Personal injury doctors Houston can also foresee if any medical treatment will need furloughed or ongoing treatment. They usually already have access to an extensive lawyer and doctor network, in case you need a referral out.

They are also well versed with health insurance company protocols and are able to document injuries. This is beneficial for proving fault in a car accident case.

An auto accident doctor will be able to maintain constant contact with your chosen law firm. Their main priority is to help make sure your medical bills get paid in full by the at-fault party.

“Documentation is key in these circumstances.”

How Soon Should You Go to a Car Accident Doctor

The sooner you can see an auto accident doctor, the better. It’s recommended that you seek medical care no later than the first 72 hours after your car accident. Insurance companies will do anything they can to defer the responsibility of medical care. Documentation is key in these circumstances and an auto injury doctor can help you.

car accident doctor

Your auto injury doctor will be able to offer you a clearance showing that you have a clean bill of health. Additionally, you may need to follow up with your accident injury doctor for ongoing therapy.

A chiropractor car accident doctor Houston will be able to check for any misalignment of the spine. If any exist, they will help with realigning using a hands-on change technique. They will work right along the neck and spine.

They treat a myriad of symptoms that you could be having from the car accident including:

  • migraines & tension headaches
  • whiplash
  • numbness and tingling
  • abdominal pain & nausea
  • dizziness
  • stress & anxiety
  • joint stiffness
  • tinnitus
  • back pain
  • joint stiffness
  • tinnitus
  • osteoarthritis
  • sleeping issues

There are many benefits to seeing a chiropractor. This may include increased immune health, improved range, increased mobility, and better posture.

Deciding what action to take after an auto accident depends on several factors. Consider the severity of the impact, whether you were wearing a seat belt, and speed at the time of the collision. Hence, use your best judgment on whether you should seek emergency or routine medical care.

“Know that you may not experience symptoms right off the  bat.”

What Else Should You Do?

It never hurts to have a full overlooking by a medical doctor. In addition, know that you may not experience symptoms right off the bat. Keep a post car accident journal of all symptoms. states, “This is the best way to strengthen your car accident claim.”

Accordingly, keep all records from each of your doctor’s visits. You will need to provide these to your legal team to ensure personal injury protection. Furthermore, following these tips will ensure that your medical treatment is adequate and covered.

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ER or Chiropractor? What To Do First Without Losing Your Mind / City Wide Injury & Accident – Houston, TX

Why You Should See a Car Accident Chiropractor After an Accident

Chiropractor massage

Your first stop after a car accident should be a car accident chiropractor Houston.

After a collision, it’s important to double-check your injuries and make sure you’re okay. You will never regret prioritizing your health.

Read on to learn more.

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3 Reasons to Visit a Car Accident Chiropractor After a Car Accident

After any car accident, you are likely to feel confused, scared, stressed, or even angry. It’s a whirlwind of emotions and sensations, and you may also be physically injured.

It’s totally normal to feel frustrated or “out of control” after a collision.

So what happens next? You trade insurance information, you call your insurance company, and you get the car fixed. But you’re missing one important step: caring for yourself.

car accident chiropractor houston1 – Car Accident Injuries Can Be Tough to Spot

Most car accident injuries won’t appear until hours or days after the accident occurred.

Many car accident chiropractors in Houston attribute this to shock. It’s quite common to not feel pain due to being in shock at the time of the accident.

Car accident chiropractors are specially trained to help deal with car accident injuries.

As such, your injuries and pain usually won’t appear until later on, when you think it’s all over.

That’s where your car accident chiropractor Houston can help you.

They are specially trained to spot and deal with car accident injuries, no matter how soon or late they appear. They can help you get ahead of the pain and treat any injuries you have without waiting until they start hurting or get worse.

car accident chiropractor houston2 – They’ll Help Relieve the Pain

At City Wide, our car accident chiropractor Houston team is paired with doctors and car accident injury experts to give you the best treatment possible.

If your neck is sore, or you’re feeling pain elsewhere on your body, a chiropractor can help relieve the pain and tension.

Less pain means you’re back to being you sooner!

With less pain, you can focus on moving forward and getting your car fixed!

Plus, we can help you find a lawyer and walk you through the insurance claims process, so you don’t have to lift a finger. You can focus on getting well.

car accident chiropractor houston3 – Car Accident Chiropractors Are Trained to Help You After an Accident

As we mentioned before, a car accident chiropractor Houston is trained to help you deal with injuries and stress after a collision. They do much more than offer pain relief, but can also help you find a lawyer and file insurance claims.

You may think, “Why can’t I just go see my regular doctor?” While your family doctor is a great choice for conditions like strep throat or the flu, it’s best to see a specialist after a car accident.

It’s best to see a specialist after a car accident.

Their experience with car accident injuries and background in recognizing what to look for after an accident makes them an excellent resource after any collision.

Typically, these car accident doctors will have multiple medical professionals under one roof so you can get all the treatment you need for every injury all in one place.

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Why You Should See a Car Accident Chiropractor After an Accident | City Wide Injury & Accident – Houston, TX

How to Recognize Delayed Car Accident Symptoms

Car injury and accident

Did you know that you should see a car accident chiropractor Houston as soon as possible after a car accident?

It’s true. You should never put off getting medical attention after any accident, even if you don’t feel like you’re injured at the time. Many car accident injuries don’t feel painful or evident right away.

Read on to learn how to spot delayed car accident symptoms.

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car accident chiropractor HoustonHow to Spot Delayed Car Accident Symptoms

Your first stop after a car accident should always be a doctor’s office. It’s best to visit a doctor who is familiar with car accident injuries and knows what to look for.

Some put off seeing the doctor because they “feel fine,” but that’s an extremely dangerous choice to make. Why? Because most car accident injuries aren’t immediately evident. In fact, they tend to appear anywhere from 24 hours to a few days after the collision occurred.

Even minor accidents can cause major damage to your body.

Here’s what you should look for after a collision:

Back Pain

Back pain is very common after a car accident, and can signal several different things, such as bruises, pulled muscles, or more serious injuries that could lead to permanent disability.

After your collision, your car accident chiropractor Houston will ask you how the pain feels. If your back pain is severe, this is a red flag and may be a symptom of a spinal cord injury.

Note that your back pain may be low at the time of the accident due to shock, and may increase as time goes on. Thus, it’s important to see your doctor ASAP.

A car accident chiropractor Houston can help ease your back pain and lower the chances of any long-term spinal cord injury.

Changes in Mood, Communication Skills, or Vision

A car accident is a traumatic event, and it’s natural to feel scared, upset, or even angry. However, if you start exhibiting abrupt mood swings or feel a general change in your usual mood, this is a red flag.

car accident chiropractor houston

Much like with a stroke or heart attack, the small things after a car accident can signal larger issues.

Has your vision gone blurry? You need to see a doctor immediately, as this may signal a serious brain injury.

Finally, if you’re having trouble communicating with others or feel slow, this is another symptom of a serious brain injury. Slurred speech is a key indicator.

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car accident chiropractor HoustonNumbness and Tingling

Ever had your foot “fall asleep”? It’s a common phenomenon. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not caused by blood flow issues, but rather temporary nerve compression.

Your nerves communicate with your brain and spine, so when they’re pinched they can’t communicate correctly.

Much like a hose stops spraying water when twisted, nerves can’t send signals to your brain if something is twisted or crossed (like crossed legs or a bent wrist).

The fibular nerve gets compressed often when people cross their legs for long periods of time.

That tingling feeling you get is a result of the nerves regaining function in your body. In the medical community, this is referred to as paresthesia.

After a collision, numbness or tingling in your extremities – even a few days afterwards – may signal a spinal cord injury. Any loss of sensation should be taken very seriously.

Note that numbness can grow over time, as swelling increases, so see a car accident chiropractor Houston as soon as possible for proper treatment.


Feeling sick to your stomach? Vertigo and nausea and both quite common, even after small collisions, and can lead to vomiting. Shock and anxiety can also contribute to nausea and vomiting.

Don’t just assume your nausea will pass, however. Nausea and abdominal pain can signal a serious injury, such as:

  • whiplash
  • internal bleeding
  • broken bones
  • organ damage
  • traumatic brain injury

If you’re feeling nausea along with numbness, tingling, confusion, dizziness, or other symptoms, make an appointment with a car accident doctor immediately.

car accident chiropractor houstonHeadaches

Headaches are another tell-tale sign of a car accident injury.

Car accidents can set off migraines.

If your head hurts after a collision, it is a sign you need to see a car accident doctor immediately. A post-accident headache could mean you have a concussion, or even worse, a traumatic brain injury.

If you’re experiencing any of the following, make an appointment with a qualified car accident chiropractor Houston right away:

  • headache that gets worse over time
  • headache with blurred vision
  • headache that won’t go away

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How to Recognize Delayed Car Accident Symptoms | City Wide Injury & Accident