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A car accident can end in three ways –you walk away unhurt, get rushed to the emergency room, or suffer some injuries. If you’ve been in the latter case, visit a car accident doctor within 72 hours to get the right treatment started.

Trusted Medical and Legal Assistance

Our team of doctors are medico-legal experts and chiropractors who offer compassionate and detailed injury care.

Our process is simple, yet effective.

Once you come in for a physical evaluation, we diagnose your injuries and make a treatment plan. Next, we take you on the road to recovery. Our trusted doctors will also give the documentation required for your insurance compensation.

With right documentation, you may use it to prove a personal injury case or an insurance claim. This way, you’ll not end up paying for treatment from your pocket.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Car Accident Doctor

Even a minor injury can cause damage to your muscles, tissue, or skeleton if left untreated. Some typical accident troubles include whiplash, concussions, neck and back injury, and more.

If you feel any discomfort after the accident, visit our car accident chiropractors. They determine the extent of the injuries and make an individualized treatment plan. Backed by our gentle, effective, and non-intrusive treatment, our patients heal faster, with improved mobility as before.

Choose our accident injury doctors and look forward to the peace of mind after an accident.

Attorney Referral

A doctor and an attorney often work together in a car accident case to get you the compensation you deserve. Your doctor will make a complete list of injuries. Also, they will document the treatment plan and road to recovery in it.

They, then, give this information to your attorney so that your attorney can file a claim for your injuries. At CityWide, we have excellent relationships with attorneys in Spring, TX. These attorneys are all within our close network and exclusively deal with motor vehicle and car accident injuries. They will work closely with you, making sure you find the insurance claim you deserve. They also ensure your medical bills or lost wages get covered.

Attorney Partner

As an attorney, if you're looking for a trusted doctor for your client, consult City Wide. Our team of chiropractors works with your clients for all medical injury consultations. Delaying treatment can hurt your client and case, too. Not getting the right physical evaluation can reduce the settlement claim to a great extent.

On the contrary, when you work with us, our team of medical practitioners will handle the complete treatment. Not to mention, they will help you out with all the documentation, reports and billing information required for the case.

Schedule a consultation with our accident injury doctors for a mutually beneficial partnership.

Why Choose City Wide?
  • Over 35 years of experience
  • A team of specialized doctors and chiropractors
  • Same day appointments and walk-ins welcome
  • Customized treatment plans as per your injury
  • World-class medical care closer to home
  • Expert car accident chiropractors with extensive knowledge and talent
  • Warm, friendly, and comprehensive care for patients
  • English and Spanish-speaking staff for more accessible communication
  • Complete documentation of your injury, treatment and recovery plan
  • Assistance with time off work documentation, too

Don’t Wait – It May Be Too Late!

At City Wide, we urge our patients to visit us as early as possible after a car accident. Even if you don’t notice any visible symptoms, let our chiropractors conduct a physical exam. After all, prevention is better than cure!

Next time you find yourself in an unfortunate situation with your car, don’t forget to call us on 713-782-0082 in Spring, Texas.

Driving in cities like Spring, TX can be dangerous, be sure to check driving conditions, make sure your vehicle is in good shape and keep yourself free from distractions while driving.  If you should experience an injury related to an auto accident in Spring, TX, call Citywide Injury to understand how to best navigate the journey to recovery.