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When you’ve been in a car accident, you might not always notice injuries the same day. Sometimes, your body won’t show any signs and symptoms of pain until a day or even a week later.

That’s why the doctors at CityWide recommend visiting a car accident chiropractor within 72 hours of your collision. Along with a complete physical evaluation and a customized treatment plan, the accident injury doctor will offer a detailed report of findings, too. These reports will help your lawyer and strengthen your insurance case in the future.

At City Wide, we specialize in medical treatments for car accident injuries with all the documentation required for your insurance case.

Our Key Areas of Expertise

Car Accident Doctor

Compared to your family doctor, a car accident chiropractor specializes in auto injuries. Problems like whiplash, neck pain, back pain, and concussions are common in vehicle accidents. With our team of accident injury doctors, you can expect an accurate diagnosis of these problems. We also treat and care for all injuries and help you recover faster.

So, instead of waiting for the problem to get severe, a proactive visit to our clinic can save you a lot of future pain and extensive treatment costs.

Attorney Referral

Along with timely treatment, our team of medico-legal experts provides all the documents you will need for your insurance. If your case goes to trial, our reports of your injury and recovery will be helpful for your attorney. Our doctors also provide expert testimony if required. Our staff can communicate in both English and Spanish, no matter your specific needs.

Whether you’ve been in a motorcycle, car, or truck accident, it’s best to let our doctors check your case and prepare all the documents. Our services will help you through the path of recovery. Not to mention, we will ensure that you get the insurance settlement you deserve.

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Attorney Partner

At Citywide, we not only help patients but also assist attorneys at our injury and accident chiropractic clinic. If you have a client who’s suffered an injury in an auto accident, we offer timely medical treatment. Proper diagnosis and care will help to treat both acute and chronic pain. Plus, it helps you, as an attorney, to get all the documents required for your case. From medical evaluation to treatment and recovery, our team at CityWide provides the best of everything.

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Why Choose City Wide?

Trusted Team of Doctors

Our car accident doctors have treated many patients suffering from auto accident injuries. Their knowledge and experience ensure that you get the highest level of care and treatment.

Same-Day Appointments

You don’t need to wait weeks before setting up an appointment with a doctor. Our staff understands the importance of timely care and thus, gives you an appointment on the same day you schedule.

Complete Documentation

When you want to file an insurance claim, documentation plays a critical role in the process. Our team of experts is well aware of Texas laws and helps with all the documentation. Right from penning down the injuries to the treatment and recovery plan, we do it all. If you need time off from work, we can also help with that documentation.

Customized Treatment & Comprehensive Care

You can expect an individualized treatment plan based on your injuries. We have the expertise to treat various kinds of medical conditions. Our staff members offer friendly customer service and warm patient care.

City Wide – Your Trusted Chiropractor

From minor injuries to severe pain or complications, our injury and accident chiropractic clinic in Houston treats every ailment. We make our patients a top priority and connect you with the best car accident doctor. Return to full health and well-being with our specialized services.

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