Car Accident Doctors in San Antonio TX

Following any type of automobile accident in San Antonio, TX, people must know they have a company by their side to help with recovery. Anyone looking for car accident doctors should understand that Citywide Injury & Accident is precisely who they need. They help the community daily and are centrally located. You only need to call them at 713-782-0082 or visit them at 6065 Hillcroft St suite 508 to know they are there to help.

Whether your injury took place in Houston, Alvin, or San Antonio, they are there. You may think that you would only be a number to them since there are over 1.5 million people in the San Antonio area, but when you walk through the door, and they remember you, you will know they think of you like family.

At Citywide Injury & Accident, they offer a wide array of services, including:

Find out what our San Antonio, TX clients say about our car accident doctors

Sloane Engelhardt


Dr. Danna and the staff at Danna Chiropractic Clinic were able to create an individualized treatment and recovery plan that helped me return to normal after my car accident. They were very informative and patient with all of my questions and really listened to what was going on with me!

Tyler Slagowski


We work with CityWide Accident and Injury on a daily basis. They care about those they work with and reduce the work load on myself and my staff. They follow up with referrals I send out and their software they provide is easy to learn and use. I would highly recommend working with them.

Services that we offer in the San Antonio, TX Area

Following a car accident, there are often injuries. Those injuries require the right type of treatment to heal properly. If someone was at fault and caused those injuries, the right assistance is also essential to the healing process. Citywide Injury & Accident can help with both.

Car Accident Doctors in San Antonio, TX

All automotive accident injuries should be checked and treated as quickly as possible. You’ll want to see car accident doctors in your area who know how to help. The professionals at Citywide have been helping people, just like you, feel better from accidents like yours for many years. Call to find out more about what treatment options you have.


Attorney Referrals in San Antonio, TX

Are you looking for attorney referrals? Then call us here at Citywide Injury & Accident. We have partnered with many different attorneys in the area and can help suggest which can help you best based on the injury you sustained.

Car Driving - Citywide Injury &Amp; Accident
How A Car Accident Chiropractor Can Help You

Attorney Partners in San Antonio, TX

Attorney partners in San Antonio, TX, know they can call on us here at Citywide, and we will do anything we can to help their clients heal. We have specialized expertise to help people recover from all types of automobile injuries and personal injuries and will work directly with an attorney to help get all of the medical documentation you need for your day in court.


Personal Injury Attorney in San Antonio, TX

After an injury, your focus should be on healing. You do not want to struggle to find a personal injury attorney in San Antonio, TX, who will fight for your rights. Thankfully, when you call Citywide, you have that type of help at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions about car accident doctors in San Antonio, TX

At Citywide Injury & Accident, we get asked many questions regarding our car accident doctors in San Antonio, TX.  San Antonio has some potentially dangerous driving areas, and there are frequent motor vehicle accidents.  To help save you time, we have compiled a few of the most common. Check out our FAQs below and see if any of them match any questions you may have, too.


  • What questions will my car accident doctors have for me at my first visit?

The most common questions you will be asked by any San Antonio, TX doctors revolve around what happened to you. Can you explain the accident? What did you feel during and immediately after the accident? Was there immediate discomfort, or did that come on later? These are common questions to expect at the first appointment.

  • Do I need to see a San Antonio doctor following an auto accident if I’m not injured?

This is a complicated question and answer. Should you see a doctor in San Antonio, TX, if you were involved in an accident? Yes. However, it is not as essential if the accident was incredibly minor if you have no pain. When in any significant accident, you always want to get checked out. There could be internal injuries you may not know about right away that will get exponentially worse if left untreated.

Driving in cities like San Antonio can be dangerous, be sure to check driving conditions, make sure your vehicle is in good shape and keep yourself free from distractions while driving.  If you should experience an injury related to an auto accident in San Antonio, call Citywide Injury to understand how to best navigate the journey to recovery.