Injury and Accident

Banish Pain and Benefit With a Visit to a Car Accident Physician

Here at CityWide Injury & Accident, we understand that the aftermath of a car wreck can be devastating on both the mind and body. Not only can these accidents cause severe physical pain, but you might also be facing legal and insurance questions that may worry you and slow your recovery. A visit to one of our offices to see a car accident doctor can help you find relief for your injuries and answers to your questions about legal assistance, insurance coverage, and billing.

We Can Make a Difference

Injuries that result from a car wreck can cause severe spinal and neck pain that can linger for months afterward if not treated correctly. Whiplash and other trauma may result in a variety of problems, including:

  • Numbness
  • A limited range of motion in the neck
  • Shooting or radiating pain down the extremities

Any of these issues can have a negative impact on your daily tasks. Our knowledgeable doctors can make a difference in your pain levels by providing you as much relief as possible and perform comprehensive scans and exams in the aftermath of your accident. We can also answer any questions you might have about ongoing treatment, how long it might take for you to recover, and what you can expect from our services. When you know what to expect from our pain management team, you may feel less anxious about your future health.

Specialized Treatment

Not all injuries might be evident in the aftermath of a car wreck, especially in the case of back or neck trauma. In some cases, pain or numbness may start to appear hours or even days afterward, leaving you discomfort and unable to work or care for your family. Visiting an auto injury doctor at one of our offices can help you recover more effectively, as our physicians have a wide range of experience in treating car accident injuries. This focus and knowledge, along with chiropractic treatments and state-of-the-art medical technology, may help you feel better faster.

Prompt Service

If you are experiencing delayed pain as a result of a car accident, the thought of sitting in an emergency room waiting area for hours might make you walk away and try at-home methods of treatment. However, most injuries won’t heal properly without the aid of a physician. Trying to ignore or treat the pain on your own may just prolong the discomfort. At CityWide Injury & Accident, we understand the importance of being seen promptly to have your pain addressed, especially if it is affecting your ability to work.

When you call our clinic for an appointment, we do our best to get you in to see a car accident doctor as soon as possible. In some cases, we may even be able to schedule your appointment for that same day. Our prompt service can help you understand what is causing your pain quickly and provide you with the best treatment option that suit your needs. We know that time can be an important factor in treating car accident injuries, so our doctors always strive to see you as soon as possible, especially if the accident was recent.

Legal Support and Assistance

When you are injured in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence or reckless driving, you may need legal support to build and win a personal injury lawsuit. We partner with a wide range of attorneys and can help you find one that suits your individual needs, depending on the nature of your injuries.

Finding a lawyer on your own while you are injured and attempting to recover can be difficult. Therefore, we work to partner you with a lawyer that can evaluate your injuries and place a value on your case so you can recover medical costs and other actions. Having a lawyer on your side also provides you with peace of mind when it comes to completing all the necessary paperwork and documentation that often comes with a court case. Receiving the assistance of a lawyer allows you more time to heal and minimizes the time spent on trying to organize your lawsuit.

Shared Documentation With Your Lawyer

When you make an appointment with a car injury doctor at our facility, he or she will perform an in-depth exam that will likely include X-rays and other scans that can help locate the source of your pain. Once the exams are complete, we will share the results with your attorney if you plan to file a personal injury case. This may help streamline some processes that could be necessary to your lawsuit, making it simpler for you to file.

Chiropractic Care

Car accident injuries can be unique in the way that they may include a higher risk for neck and back trauma. For example, whiplash can be quite common, as can back pain resulting from a rear-end collision. These injuries can cause pain that lasts for months, but chiropractic care may help provide you with some relief. We offer several different treatment plans, including newer techniques that may not be available at other facilities. Spinal manipulation can help relieve chronic pain by realigning discs that the accident forced out of position. We can also send copies of ongoing care reports to your attorney, who may be able to use them to bolster any existing lawsuits you have filed and reduce the burden of proof.

We can also provide you with ongoing chiropractic appointments that may ease any chronic pain resulting from your car wreck. Backaches and tension in the neck can become problematic after an accident. Consistent chiropractic adjustments at our facility may help improve your range of motion and reduce chronic pain. Chiropractic care may also alleviate the need for over-the-counter pain relievers that could upset your stomach or cause damage to the stomach lining if overused.

Getting injured in a car accident can have a far-reaching effect on your life and of those around you. However, we at CityWide Injury & Accident can help with nearly every aspect of recovery and legal support. Call us today at 713-782-0082 to book an appointment with an auto injury doctor and begin your journey back to physical wellness.

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