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How to Recognize Delayed Car Accident Symptoms

Did you know that you should see a car accident chiropractor Houston as soon as possible after a car accident?

It’s true. You should never put off getting medical attention after any accident, even if you don’t feel like you’re injured at the time. Many car accident injuries don’t feel painful or evident right away.

Read on to learn how to spot delayed car accident symptoms.

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car accident chiropractor HoustonHow to Spot Delayed Car Accident Symptoms

Your first stop after a car accident should always be a doctor’s office. It’s best to visit a doctor who is familiar with car accident injuries and knows what to look for.

Some put off seeing the doctor because they “feel fine,” but that’s an extremely dangerous choice to make. Why? Because most car accident injuries aren’t immediately evident. In fact, they tend to appear anywhere from 24 hours to a few days after the collision occurred.

Even minor accidents can cause major damage to your body.

Here’s what you should look for after a collision:

Back Pain

Back pain is very common after a car accident, and can signal several different things, such as bruises, pulled muscles, or more serious injuries that could lead to permanent disability.

After your collision, your car accident chiropractor Houston will ask you how the pain feels. If your back pain is severe, this is a red flag and may be a symptom of a spinal cord injury.

Note that your back pain may be low at the time of the accident due to shock, and may increase as time goes on. Thus, it’s important to see your doctor ASAP.

A car accident chiropractor Houston can help ease your back pain and lower the chances of any long-term spinal cord injury.

Changes in Mood, Communication Skills, or Vision

A car accident is a traumatic event, and it’s natural to feel scared, upset, or even angry. However, if you start exhibiting abrupt mood swings or feel a general change in your usual mood, this is a red flag.

car accident chiropractor houston

Much like with a stroke or heart attack, the small things after a car accident can signal larger issues.

Has your vision gone blurry? You need to see a doctor immediately, as this may signal a serious brain injury.

Finally, if you’re having trouble communicating with others or feel slow, this is another symptom of a serious brain injury. Slurred speech is a key indicator.

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car accident chiropractor HoustonNumbness and Tingling

Ever had your foot “fall asleep”? It’s a common phenomenon. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not caused by blood flow issues, but rather temporary nerve compression.

Your nerves communicate with your brain and spine, so when they’re pinched they can’t communicate correctly.

Much like a hose stops spraying water when twisted, nerves can’t send signals to your brain if something is twisted or crossed (like crossed legs or a bent wrist).

The fibular nerve gets compressed often when people cross their legs for long periods of time.

That tingling feeling you get is a result of the nerves regaining function in your body. In the medical community, this is referred to as paresthesia.

After a collision, numbness or tingling in your extremities – even a few days afterwards – may signal a spinal cord injury. Any loss of sensation should be taken very seriously.

Note that numbness can grow over time, as swelling increases, so see a car accident chiropractor Houston as soon as possible for proper treatment.


Feeling sick to your stomach? Vertigo and nausea and both quite common, even after small collisions, and can lead to vomiting. Shock and anxiety can also contribute to nausea and vomiting.

Don’t just assume your nausea will pass, however. Nausea and abdominal pain can signal a serious injury, such as:

  • whiplash
  • internal bleeding
  • broken bones
  • organ damage
  • traumatic brain injury

If you’re feeling nausea along with numbness, tingling, confusion, dizziness, or other symptoms, make an appointment with a car accident doctor immediately.

car accident chiropractor houstonHeadaches

Headaches are another tell-tale sign of a car accident injury.

Car accidents can set off migraines.

If your head hurts after a collision, it is a sign you need to see a car accident doctor immediately. A post-accident headache could mean you have a concussion, or even worse, a traumatic brain injury.

If you’re experiencing any of the following, make an appointment with a qualified car accident chiropractor Houston right away:

  • headache that gets worse over time
  • headache with blurred vision
  • headache that won’t go away

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