How A Houston Personal Injury Doctor Can Help With Car Accident Injuries

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Even if you do not think you are hurt after a car accident, it is still a good idea to seea personal injury doctor in Houston as soon as possible. Firstly, it can take time for symptoms to develop, so you may have a serious injury and not know it. Secondly, if you need to take legal action to recover damages later, the records from your treatment can be invaluable evidence to your personal injury lawyer Houston.

Learn How A Houston Personal Injury Doctor Can Make The Difference After A Car Accident Injury

A Houston Personal Injury Doctor Can Help With Soft Tissue Injuriespersonal injury claim process with patient by CityWide Injury

The term “soft tissue injuries” usually refers to those tissues that are part of the musculoskeletal system, differentiating soft tissues from bones, which are harder. Three kinds of injuries affecting these tissues are common after a car accident:

  • Muscle strains
  • Ligament sprains
  • Tendon tears

Soft tissue injuries aren’t necessarily the most serious, but they can be painful and debilitating because it sometimes takes them to heal.

A Personal Injury Doctor will perform an in-depth examination to determine whether you have a soft tissue injury. In addition to a physical evaluation, this includes taking X-rays to rule out a bone fracture. Once we have diagnosed a soft tissue injury and determined its severity, we can decide on a treatment plan for you. Treatment for soft tissue injuries may involve bracing or therapeutic taping, heat, cold therapy, muscle stimulation, or ultrasound therapy.

How a Personal Injury Doctor Can Help With Head Injuries

Prompt evaluation of a head injury is essential because of the risk of damage to the brain. It is partly for this reason that CityWide offers same-day appointments. Signs of a brain injury from a car accident include blurred vision, clouded thinking, dizziness, nausea, and headache. These symptoms may not occur for a few hours after the accident, but they suggest potentially serious injuries such as a concussion, skull fracture, or intracranial hematoma.

A concussion is a common head injury from a car accident. It can occur when your head makes forceful contact with another object, but it can also happen when your brain hits against the inside of your skull with a sudden jolt. Concussions can range in severity, and while they usually resolve completely over time, they can put you at risk for other dangerous conditions.

How a Personal Injury Doctor Can Help With Back and Neck InjuriesDoctorMRI Scan - Citywide Injury & Accident

The spine is a collective name for a column of bones that protect the spinal cord while allowing for movement. Spinal injuries from a car accident can be primarily musculoskeletal or involve damage to the spinal cord itself, resulting in paralysis.

Sometimes an injury that involves the musculoskeletal system primarily can also affect the spinal cord. For example, a herniated disk occurs when the hard outer ring ruptures, allowing the soft interior layer to leak. This can put pressure on the spinal cord, leading to symptoms such as radiating pain or numbness. A fracture of one of the vertebral bodies can also pressure the cord if the fragments become displaced. Relieving the pressure on the spinal cord can resolve the symptoms, but treatment should take place quickly to prevent permanent nerve damage.

One of the most common spine injuries from a car accident is whiplash, more accurately referred to as whiplash-associated disorder. The force of a collision can cause your head to jerk violently back and forth, damaging the tissues in the neck. Whiplash can cause various injuries, such as neck pain and stiffness, headaches, sleep disturbances, depression, ringing in the ears, numbness, and tingling in the arms.

How a Personal Injury Doctor Can Help With Referrals

Some injuries require treatment beyond what a typical car accident doctor Houston can provide. For example, a traumatic injury of the brain or spinal cord may require evaluation by a neurologist. Some injuries, even if they are relatively more minor, may require surgery to treat. CityWide Injury primarily provides chiropractic care to our patients. If we believe that an injury requires a specialist’s care, we can refer you to someone with the necessary training to treat it.

Our referral services extend beyond other doctors. If you require legal assistance following your car accident, we can also refer you to a Houston personal injury attorney. Learn more about how we can help you find a car accident lawyer you can trust.


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How A Houston Personal Injury Doctor Can Help With Car Accident Injuries | City Wide Injury & Accident – Houston, TX

When Should You Hire a Texas Personal Injury Lawyer?

Texas personal injury lawyer - Citywide Injury & Accident

A Texas personal injury lawyer can be an asset for you after a car accident or if you’ve sustained a personal injury. Regardless of whether you decide to pursue legal action at the end of your journey, you can tap a Personal Injury Lawyer Houston for guidance throughout your journey.

After you’ve sustained a personal injury, it‘s not always easy to know what to do next. Worse yet, if you have suffered an injury due to negligence from someone you know, a friend or family member, you’ll also have to navigate the complexities of your interpersonal relationships with that person.

Dealing with your insurance company, potentially another insurance company, and physical injuries can be a challenging balancing act. However, you should know that this isn’t a balancing act you need to do independently.

When Should You Hire A Texas Personal Injury Lawyer?

However, if you decide to bring your case to court, the sooner you enlist the services of a Texas personal injury lawyer, the sooner you can start gathering evidence. Read on for a few reasons as to why hiring CityWide is beneficial in your injury journey.

A Texas Personal Injury Lawyer Can Save You Time

A personal injury attorney has seen it all, and they can tell you whether or not it’s time to tap other resources. Another Texas personal injury lawyer might advise that you to visit their therapists or another lawyer to evaluate your personal trauma’s effect on your daily functioning.

But when it comes to personal injury cases, time is of the essence. Filing paperwork, making evaluations, sending letters, and requesting information are all things your CityWide attorney will be able to time perfectly to the millisecond.

A Texas Personal Injury Lawyer Can Assist With Liability

Personal injury cases hinge on the crux of fault. That is to say: whomever acted negligently in a way that led to the accident and resultant injury. However, establishing liability is never as straightforward as it should be. Any attorney will tell you that negligence in law is much different from the type of negligence we consider in our day-to-day lives.

Fault and liability are not zero-sum games, either, which seems backward at first glance. Establishing who was more at fault for an accident is a complicated and often drawn-out process. Rather than one person being totally at fault, your attorney may advise you that liability and, by extension, compensation must be split between parties.

What is Negligence?

Negligence is the legal concept of someone who spurred their legal responsibility to act either deliberately or unintentionally for various means. This responsibility is known as a duty of care this person has. As a result of their failure to perform this action, someone then suffered an injury. To establish a duty of care, an attorney will first help you identify a relationship between you and the other potentially responsible party. For example, if you happen to slip and fall on ice at a retail store, your Texas personal injury lawyer might argue that the store owner failed their duty of care to keep you safe in their store.

Then, with the help of a personal injury doctor Houston, a personal injury attorney will evaluate where the breach of that duty of care occurred. This is important, and it may be steeped in legal jargon, so it is important to consult with an attorney to identify the breach if you need to. If you slipped due to your faulty shoe and not the ice in front of a storefront, then the store owner may have a duty of care to you, but you cannot prove that they breached that care.

When Should You Hire A Texas Personal Injury Lawyer?

Finally, if the initial two conditions are met, you and your injury attorney in Houston can evaluate the exact root cause of the injury in question. For most cases, this is fairly self-explanatory. However, the causal relationship between these three things must be established for a case to be developed. One of these things in isolation is not sufficient to win a personal injury case.

As previously stated, it is not necessarily so black and white between parties. A person could have failed to perform their legal responsibility and, as a result, they are hurt.


What Compensation Is Available with the Help of a Texas Personal Injury Lawyer?

If your personal injury has resulted in lost wages, changed income, psychological trauma, physical or mental harm, etc., you may be eligible for compensation. Only a personal injury attorney or personal injury doctor Houston will know the intricacies of your case well enough to discern whether you are eligible for any compensation.

However, rehabilitation, medical bills, and even the loss of quality of life are all perfectly legal and legitimate reasons to seek compensation for the injury under the law.

Power On Your Side

Above all else, enlisting the services of a Texas personal injury lawyer will level the playing field between you and other parties who may have armed themselves against any potential legal onslaught from you.

An attorney also immediately adds legitimacy to your claims and urgency to all of your requests. If you are having trouble communicating with your insurance, try tapping your attorney to give them a call.

They won’t miss your message again! Contact us today to learn more.


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When Should You Hire a Texas Personal Injury Lawyer | City Wide Injury & Accident – Houston, TX

¿Qué es un Doctor de Accidentes de Autos?

Chronic Injuries - Citywide Injury & Accident

In an unfortunate turn of events, you’re involved in a car accident that may or may not be your fault. As a next step, you may wonder if visiting a car accident doctor Houston will help.

The answer is yes.

If you’re injured or are seemingly an uninjured victim involved in a car accident, you should always see a doctor. It doesn’t matter if the collision was a minor one – you should still go. That’s because ignoring any symptoms – even if they don’t show up right away – may negatively impact your health at a later stage. Second, your physical evaluation comes with a detailed report of findings that you or your attorney might need later.

So, let’s read on how a doctor de accidentes automovilísticos can help:

Get an After-Accident Evaluation

What is the Difference Between a Family Doctor and a Car Accident car accident doctor HoustonDoctor?

A family doctor or a primary care physician is someone you consult on a routine basis. You often see them for routine checkups, treatments for cold or strep throat, or for preventive care such as immunizations. However, in cases where there may be a more severe injury or illness, a primary care doctor will not be able to help.

You may think of a car accident doctor as a specialist doctor. They are medical practitioners who specialize in treating injuries sustained as a result of a car accident.

“Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveal that people in the United States spend over 1 million days in the hospital every year due to injuries from car accidents.”

Car accident doctors have the background and training to recognize the different types of bodily injuries that can happen in a car accident. For example, you may hurt your neck or spinal cord. Both of these regions are vulnerable to damage due to whiplash, impact or recoil of the body, which are common in car accidents. Also, a car accident doctor can treat each aspect of your injury and draw up the required paperwork you may need to claim insurance.

Why You Should See a Car Accident Doctor Houston

Find the Right Expertisecar accident doctor Houston

A car accident doctor Houston limits his practice to car-related accident injuries. They and their team have the expertise required to accurately diagnose, treat, and take care of any injuries sustained in auto accidents.

Treat Injuries that Don’t Appear Right Away

Vehicle injuries can be late-appearing. Usually, in an accident, there is a lot of force involved when a vehicle hits (or is hit by) something. Often, when people are in a crash that seems minor, they do not notice any injury symptoms right away.

“You can sustain injuries in a crash even if you do not have visible cuts or wounds.”

Muscle, tendon, and ligament pain may take a few days, or even weeks, to manifest. Hence, getting proper medical treatment is the crucial first step, even before the first sign of pain or discomfort occurs.

Make an Appointment

Get Correct Documentation

Correct documentation is the key to ensuring insurance coverage for all your damage and treatment expenses as a result of any car accident. It includes a detailed file containing photographs, prescriptions, doctor’s report, medical reports, x-rays, time-stamped logs, and any other required documents.

An updated and correctly documented file comes in handy when you need to file a claim with the auto insurance company.

Claim Evaluation car accident doctor Houston

A car accident doctor makes sure all injuries from the car accident are thoroughly evaluated before you sign documents the adjuster puts in front of you.

If you sign a release, you waive your legal right to pursue any compensation for an injury that may show up later. Your car accident doctor can guide you to wait long enough to make sure the claims process goes smoothly. This wait is crucial in cases where the driver at fault denies charges or is uncooperative, and you need an attorney referral.

When Should You See a Car Accident Doctor Houston?car accident doctor Houston

Sometimes when you’re in an accident, you may not realize you have an injury immediately. In fact, it can take hours or days for the adrenaline and shock to wear off before you feel the pain or discomfort.

“Your car accident doctor can guide you to wait long enough to make sure the claims process goes smoothly.”

It is essential to consult a car accident doctor Houston as soon as possible, even if you feel alright. It is advisable you visit a doctor within 72 hours of the accident as a precautionary measure. You’ll find the right guidance about the procedures followed in accident cases. They will also help you recuperate without worrying about processing documents for insurance claims.

Consult Citywide Injury & Accident, the Best Car Accident Doctor Houston

Citywide Injury & Accident specializes in injuries related to car accidents. We have more than three decades of experience in diagnosing, treating, and filing documents for car accident cases. Our team of friendly staff and specialist doctors offer you the best possible care.

To get the best health care and treatment when involved in a car accident, make an appointment 713-782-0082 or contact us today.

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