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How A Houston Personal Injury Accident Attorney Can Help When You Suffer Soft Tissue Injuries

Seek The Help of a Houston Personal Injury Accident Attorney

Did you know that you can hire personal injury attorneys in Houston for soft tissue injuries?

If you've been involved in a car accident or have an injury, you may be feeling lost, alone, or confused. Along with your expenses and trauma, you are likely inundated with information, requests, and even accusations by opposing parties or attorneys.

However, depending on your type of accident, you may be ignoring a serious injury right under your nose. Soft tissue injuries are the insidious, dirty little secret of the personal injury world. While not as flashy as those injuries related to “hard” tissues in the body, soft tissue injuries can seriously impair your ability to function...and you may not even know you have one.

Below are some ways a personal injury lawyer Houston might help you navigate the recovery journey from soft tissue injury. 

What is a Soft Tissue Injury?

Houston Personal Injury Attorney Helping Patient With Whiplash
A soft tissue injury sounds more exotic than it is. In truth, soft tissue injuries encompass all sorts of things like bruises, sprains, tears, and other muscle contusions. These soft tissue injuries naturally affect soft tissues, like skin, fat, organs, and muscle. “Hard” injuries are things like fractures or breaks in bones or blood loss.

However, soft injuries can be deceptively serious. There’s an argument that soft tissue injuries may be more detrimental to health over the long term because they are harder to catch earlier and harder to treat compared to most hard tissue injuries.

Soft tissues are softer than bone and the other organic hard materials that make up our bodies, making them more susceptible to injury and damage.

While soft tissue flexibility may prove to be an advantage in some instances, soft tissue is still just that: soft. It is especially vulnerable to harsh and sudden impacts, aggressive maneuvers, etc., like those associated with crashes. Even collisions at slow speeds can do serious damage!

Soft tissue injuries are very common in motor vehicle accidents. For instance, you may have heard of a muscle disorder known as “whiplash.”

Can a Houston Personal Injury Accident Attorney Deal with a Case of Whiplash?

Whiplash is a neck muscle injury caused by the rapid back and forth motion, such as a sudden jerking resulting from an unexpected impact.

Whiplash has a very dramatic name and tends to attract a lot of concern--and for a good reason. However, whiplash’s presentation is much quieter in reality and belies its explosive namesake.

Just like other soft tissue injuries, whiplash can be so subtle that sufferers of whiplash may not know they have it until they begin experiencing complications from it. Spinal injuries as a result of whiplash are not uncommon.

Stiffness, fatigue, and sleep problems are just a few potential symptoms. This is one of the more complicated aspects of properly evaluating soft tissue-related injuries. Their symptoms can be ascribed to nearly anything, which makes them insidious and dangerous.

A Houston personal injury accident attorney can connect you with the professional help you need to discern whether you have suffered injuries due to a car accident like a rear-end collision, but you need to be your own best advocate in these cases. If you’ve recently been in a car accident and are concerned that you may be suffering a complication, seek medical attention immediately from a car accident doctor.

Importance of Medical Evaluation from a Houston Personal Injury Accident DoctorHouston Personal Injury Attorney Helping Claim

Even if you don’t end up needing a medical report down the line, it is always nice to have. It is even better to have if you find yourself in the middle of a lawsuit related to a car accident in Houston!

Regardless of whether you believe you’re injured, even the slightest muscle spasm after an accident could be cause for concern. Only an experienced professional can help you identify any causes for concern.

However, the longer you wait between the accident occurring and seeking medical attention, the more doubt you cast on the validity of your claim under the eyes of the legal system.

If you eventually decide to pursue a legal case related to your motor vehicle accident, you will want to have a  record of any related medical attention you received. Plus, a doctor’s note can always come in handy if you need time off work for your injuries or insurance documentation later.

Navigating Insurance with Your Houston Personal Injury Accident Attorney

A Houston personal injury accident attorney may help navigate the complex world of car insurance. There are too many intricacies to keep tabs on to rely on your expertise to protect you from opposing attorneys.

Alternative Therapies

Not every Houston personal injury accident professional will be equipped for the nuanced demands of physical therapy after an accident. Soft tissue injuries can be difficult to pin down and, therefore, hard to treat.

At CityWide Injury, you can find an empathetic team of qualified specialists in today’s hottest breakthrough alternative therapies. Contact us today!