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What to Look for in an Auto Accident Attorney in Houston

Finding an Auto Accident Attorney after being Injured in a Car Accident

The first few days after an auto accident in Houston can feel like a whirlwind. You have to collect evidence, evaluate your injuries, make contact with your insurance provider, and assess the damage carefully. If you've suffered a major injury in an accident where the other party is at fault, you should look for an auto accident attorney who can help you get the compensation you deserve.
Auto accident attorney Houston - damaged car in street

Check Reviews and Recommendations of Local Attorneys

Reviews and recommendations are the best places to start when you're looking for an auto accident attorney in Houston. The best recommendations come from other lawyers. If you know a lawyer who works in a different specialty, ask for their suggestions. Professionals typically know who is best in their industry. Friends, family members, and online review sites can provide additional information. The best personal injury attorneys won't hesitate to provide additional references of their own. Avoid any lawyers who refuse to provide a reference.

Schedule a Consultation With an Auto Accident Attorney in Houston

Car accident lawyers typically offer a free consultation before taking your case. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know your prospective auto accident attorney and determine whether you're a good fit for one another. Even though a lawyer may have outstanding recommendations, it's still possible that you simply won't communicate well or feel at ease with them. If this is the case, move on to another consultation until you locate the ideal attorney for your needs.

During your consultation, the attorney should communicate patiently and clearly. A good lawyer will evaluate your case, ask detailed questions, and give you their professional opinion of the appropriate steps to take next. Take all relevant documentation with you to the consultation so you can gather as much information as possible and ensure that what you learn is relevant to your case.

Address legal Questions and Concerns

Prepare a list of questions and concerns for your prospective attorney before your consultation. Make sure that the car accident lawyer takes the time to address these issues with you. You should have ample time for questions during your meeting. If the lawyer uses up all the allotted time talking and doesn't leave room to discuss the issues you've brought to the table, you should consider looking elsewhere for your legal services.

Ask About Attorney Fees

Always discuss payments and fees before you contract with an auto accident attorney. Most personal injury attorneys work on contingency. You may hear the phrase, "no fee if no recovery." This means that you won't owe an attorney fee if you don't get a recovery in the case. If you do win a recovery, attorneys typically take a third of the recovered amount. If your attorney quotes a higher percentage, consider shopping around to make sure you're getting a good deal. While you may not want the cheapest lawyer you can find, you don't need the most expensive one, either.

Discuss the additional charges that you may accrue beyond the attorney's fee. It's a common misconception that you don't have to pay anything if you lose your case. In most cases, you will still have to pay case expenses such as court reporter fees, expert witness fees, filing fees, and charges for medical records. Make sure you understand how these costs will add up in your case so you know what you're expected to pay regardless of whether you win or lose.

Evaluate the Service Contract

If you've completed the previous steps and feel that you've found an attorney that's a good fit for your case, the next thing you should do is ask for a service contract. Your lawyer shouldn't pressure you to read and sign the contract on the spot if you're not comfortable moving forward yet. Feel free to take the service contract home, peruse it at your leisure, and ask follow-up questions if there's anything you don't understand.

This contract should echo everything that you discussed with your lawyer during the consultation. If you note any major discrepancies, you may want to reconsider your choice of attorney. If you're satisfied with the service contract, you can go ahead and sign it. Thus begins your professional journey with your new auto accident attorney in Houston.

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