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Find a Trusted Car Accident Attorney Referral

When you or a loved have suffered due to a car accident, you need an experienced law firm to assist you. Hiring a car accident lawyer is the first step to protecting your rights.

City Wide’s car accident doctors have built excellent relationships with top personal injury lawyers in Houston and its surrounding areas.

If injuries from a car accident were not your fault, the attorneys referred by City Wide could guide you in the right direction. They will assist you through the process of physical and financial recovery.

These attorneys are all within our close network and exclusively deal with motor vehicle and car accident injuries. They will work closely with you, making sure you find the insurance claim you deserve, as well as making sure your medical bills or lost wages get covered.

City Wide Attorney Referral Services

More often than not, many injury victims of the at fault party’s insurance company will try winning the case in their favor. That means, they may lead you into accepting a low settlement.

While you may think the offer made is reasonable and will cover your accident expenses, that may not be the case. Our car accident attorneys will support you throughout the chaotic insurance claims and settlement process. That’s because you likely deserve a settlement that also serves for your pain and suffering.

When you work with an attorney, there’s a higher chance of a more significant settlement.

City Wide Helps Connect You with a Personal Injury Attorney Who Will:

  • Put Your Needs First – Your attorney will do anything that will help you recover faster.
  • Cover Proper Legal Documentation – It's imperative to document your reports, medical bills, and treatment concerning your accident.
  • Offer Advice on Time Limits - Your attorney will advise you on time limits, also known as statutes of limitations, that prevent filing a suit against the at-fault driver.
  • File the Lawsuit - The attorney will file the lawsuit on your behalf.
  • Know How to Mitigate - Finally, they willl know how to fight any possible defenses from the opposing side.
  • Be Ready for Trial - In case a settlement doesn’t work, your attorney will prepare for trial.
  • Protect and Support You - You can count on your attorney to protect you against small settlements of an insurance company.

Medical + Legal = Peace of Mind

As a chiropractor Houston clinic, we’re always ready to help victims with car accident injuries. But that’s not all we do. We also document the extent of the damage along with the treatment plan. This paperwork is super helpful when you decide to go to court.

Our team of professionals will document and support your case if it goes to trial. Trust us to offer medico-legal services for all your post-accident challenges. Our network of car accident attorneys works throughout the complicated insurance process.

Once you get a physical exam and reports from our car accident doctor Houston, you can talk to an attorney.

Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry in case of insurance matters.

An Attorney’s Legal Expertise to Your Rescue

Trying a personal injury lawsuit and negotiating an insurance settlement is tedious. After a car accident, this may be the last thing you want to do. Even if you’re capable of doing it yourself, hiring a professional attorney can reduce your stress levels.

If it is your first time dealing with an accident claim, an injury attorney’s experience can be worth a lot. Their knowledge of dealing with various insurance companies and different applications is an asset for you.

They can also get all the necessary evidence to support the claim. This evidence includes medical records and bills, witness statements, lost wage information, and more.

When you hire an attorney, they will draft a settlement demand letter for the insurance company. For any disputes, they can also start a court case for you. Having a professional by your side reduces your burden, especially if you’re injured in the accident and need time to recover.

We Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve

Attorneys are your best advocates. Let our car accident chiropractor in Houston attend to your medical needs, and our attorney referral services will handle your legal needs.

City Wide is proud to be taking care of all your physical and financial health!

Call us at 713-782-0082 today to book an appointment!

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