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Our Service: Offering Medical Care and Documentation for Your Clients

As an attorney, you are dealing with clients who’ve suffered in a car accident. The sooner they get checked out by a doctor, the better it will be for your case. We have a specialized service offering for this.

Irrespective of the circumstances of the accident, victims are eligible to qualify for medical treatment under the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Laws Sec. 101.101.

Our injury doctors and specialists at City Wide assist your case with:

  • Medical injury consultations
  • Comprehensive medical reports
  • Physical evaluations
  • Treatment for serious complications and traumatic injuries
  • Billing-related support

At City Wide, we urge our partner attorneys to think of us every time a car accident victim comes to you. As their legal advisor, you can help them get the right medical evaluation and treatment.

Attorneys’ Trusted Car Accident Doctors in Houston

As our attorney partner, we take on your client’s case and help them with all their recovery programs. Our extensive network of medical professionals and in-house chiropractors in Houston are well-qualified to treat accident injuries.

Why Timely Medical Care Matters

In the case of a severe injury, an emergency medical service will take you to the hospital. But in minor accidents, there may not be any noticeable pain or immediate discomfort.

That’s why many people don’t seek immediate medical attention.

Delaying medical treatment can hurt both the victim’s health and your case.

Symptoms Aren’t Always Noticeable

The most common collision injuries include fractures, burns, scars, neck injuries, whiplash, concussions, and more. While some injuries show symptoms, many others may not. That’s why we urge our attorney partners to send their clients to our dedicated medical examination center as soon as possible.

Specialists in Treating Accident Injury Victims

We’re specialists at treating car accident injury victims. Our comprehensive evaluation and treatment help reduce their pain and bring them back to previous activity levels.

Provide Medical Documentation

Our detailed medical evaluation reports provide the necessary evidence and documentation needed to assist with your clients' injuries, rehabilitation, and personal injury compensation.

Why Choose City Wide for Your Clients’ Medical Treatment

A One-Stop Medical Center

We’re a dedicated medical center offering a host of services for attorneys like you. We understand that every car accident victim has a different injury. Thus, our team of chiropractors in Houston offers a series of medical tests and treatments. In case we can’t treat a patient, we can always refer them to a specialist.

Complete Documentation

Our experienced staff is well-trained on all Texas state laws. We stay updated on the evolving legal regulations around injury victims. Since we're experts in injury documentation, you get all the paperwork to take your case ahead. Plus, if your client needs time off from work to recover, we can offer documentation for that, too.

Comprehensive Care

As attorneys, you take complete care of all the legal needs of car accident victims. Similarly, we offer warm and comfortable care for their medical needs. Your clients can expect empathetic and compassionate care at City Wide.

Correct Treatment Plan

As certified car accident doctors in Houston, our medical providers are careful about every step of the recovery plan. They will determine the extent of the injury and the estimated treatments required. They also assist with special tests like X-rays, analysis, and free exams. We assure attorneys that their client’s best interests are always on our mind.

Anyone involved in a car accident suffers in many ways. While you tackle the insurance company, let us handle their health. We are happy to partner with leading attorneys like you who specialize in car accident cases. With our team of chiropractors in Houston, we can help your clients recover faster.

Call us at 713-782-0082 to schedule a consultation and see how we can partner with you.

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It's important to get evaluated by a doctor in the first 72 hours after the accident. Don't delay, schedule your evaluation online now!